Dance Northwest's Extend Commission and the
Nuffield Theatre's Live Wire Project present:


by Thomas Lehmen and six individual pieces

Thomas Lehmen has been working with:
Penny Collinson
Ruth Jones
Lisi Perry
Neil Simpson
Cath Sims
Nigel Stewart

Premiere 29th of november 2001 at the Nuffield Theatre Lancaster University

The Thomas Lehmen Project is the 7th Live Wire Commission and a unique opportunity to see a hand - picked group of North West dancers perform under the guidance of one of Europe's most original dance talents, Thomas Lehmen.

Thoma's choreographic work is on the edge of dance and performance and he strives to work with the artist as an individual rather than with an artistic style. CLEVER strives to show an image of humanity in which people are able to make decisions and choices based on their own interests and personalities. The performer is ultimately driven to use the space in and around their decisions, moving within them and altering them withoutrelinquishing their human-ness.