DISTANZLOS (without any distance)

production: Thomas Lehmen and Petra Roggel
co-production: Bergen Internasjonale Teater
supported by "Fonds Darstellende Künste Essen e.V."
supported by Podewil, Tanzwerkstatt, Berlin

text, choreography, concept: Thomas Lehmen
technic: Götz Dihlmann

The berlin choreographer Thomas Lehmen, who moves in his latest work "distanzlos" between performance and dance, asks uneasy questions towards the art of dance and himself as a person. With minimalistic reduction he makes his audience aware of the difference between a choroegraphic idea and its artistic translation. Not without enigmatic irony, taken from old notebooks, he presents ideas and concepts that were never realised - because of sheer laziness, lack of money or time.

His performance is a convincing stock - taking of contemporary creativity, which fascinates the spectator: "comic drives to tears"(Süddeutsche Zeitung) and "very exciting" (Bergens Tidende).
(quoted from the press release of Tanztendenzen Greifswald, may 2000)