His piece is dealing with the reasons, why Art is working differently than Life itself. Many keywords center on the paradoxes of the performance that wants the experience and its symbolical evaluation at the same time: "commenting everything", "breaking down unexpectedly three times in a row". Lehmen is doing little on stage, but then really with an alarming intensity.
TAZ, Berlin: Katrin Bettina Müller

Without the aesthetic burden of the movement, the body expresses itself. In contemporary dance the body is no longer site of truth or beauty, but of the immediate, without hyperbole, at the most sensually reinforced. So: effect, yes, intention, non. That's why there is a reference to the Tourette syndrome, to this illness, where the patient is forced to give involuntary cries or obscene expressions, accompanied by violent convulsions. But it is not going as far as that. A possible subject of this night is: Show the zero, without being the zero. This is an exact description of the advanced dance events. A long time ago it changed from the indicative to the subjunctive - it should have been danced.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Franz Anton Cramer