This is a set of cards which allows one to lay out scores, tasks, systems or just to become inspired. It contains 3 different choreographic systems:
- "Categories"
- "It's better to …"
- "Functions"

Also, there are other multi-coloured cards:
- Aspects
- Themes
- Terms
- Persons
- Blank

Here, the word „system“ represents the idea of a structure which can be created and which undergoes constant change through different parameters which can be developed by people.

Each card can be set in relation with others. In this sense these single systems can be used as described in detail, can be altered, or can be combined or enhanced with each other. Furthermore, they can be enhanced with one’s own ideas, or developed into one’s own system and/or work which can very well become unrecognizable in relation with this set.

It's possible to create either one group work, or to work as a group with this set. Solo work can be done as well. Individual working tasks can be found by choosing one card out of each colour for example. It can be used as material to study and as a method for teaching. Communication is one of the major factors among people while working with these cards.

The above-mentioned category, Themes, establishes a possible link to socially relevant contexts in order to allow a bridge between the hermetic world of the artwork and the outside world. The set of cards can also be used for acting, performance or live art as well as all other art forms, such as music and fine arts. The point is either to work from these structures, or to reflect about arising issues which could be mentioned.

The system aims towards a kind of work that understands itself as a group of changeable interactive structures which are based on communications between the constituting factors. People don’t make communications. Communications make people. Though the systems can be worked on as described, their success is, of course, not guaranteed. A lot of responsibility is needed for the execution. More possibilities mean more selection from an expanding complexity. One could think about three necessities while doing performance work with these cards:
being the physical working horse,
being the individual artist,
being the performer of the work.

Basically, it's possible to show the human being within, in friction with, using, or beyond a system of structures, thereby making either the constituting factors transparent or placing results in the foreground.

The possibility which is embarked upon in this set of cards is to enable people to develop and influence their constitutive factors through communications with each other and through conscious use of these listed tools.


- tool slip box -

published by Thomas Lehmen
designed by Katrin Schoof /
edited by Sven-Thore Kramm, William Wheeler

editorial address and contact:
Comp. Thomas Lehmen

Price: 10,- € + mailing expenses
ISBN 3-00-014990-2
© 2004

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