"It's better to..." by Thomas Lehmen (2004)

"It's better to...", Premiere: Thursday 30th September 2004 as part of the ESB Dublin Fringe Festival.

Concept, author, choreography and design: Thomas Lehmen
Performers: Marc Rees, John Scott, Patrick Michael Stewart, Cheryl Therrien
Production: imdt as part of the ESB Dublin Fringe Festival 2004

‘It is better to…’ explores the everyday human struggle of making things better.

People have only one chance :
One chance of making things better, better than the last time

Who they want to be
How they dance
Where they are
What they do with each other
Their politics, their overall life
Their religious life
Their emotional behaviour
Their sexual practice

How they start
How they pause
How they end

To make a better mix
A better difference
A better relation
A better order
A better communication
A better joke