Lehmen lernt

Concept, Choreography, Dance, Text:: Thomas Lehmen
Choreographic Assistant, Cut (Video): Lucia Glass
Choreographic Adviser: Marc Rees
Production: Thomas Lehmen
Production Management: Riccarda Herre
Technical Director: Götz Dihlmann

Co-Production: Pact Zollverein (Essen), Dance 4 (Nottingham)
With support from the Senate Administration for Science, Research and Culture (Berlin). Thanks also to Kaaitheater, Brussels. Supported by NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ from funds of Tanzplan Deutschland, a project by the Federal Cultural Foundation

With the aid of: Akiko Murakawa, David Zambrano, Hans Hermann Baertz, Herr Müßigbrodt, Jakob Kilzer, Linnprt, Manni Glied, Margaretha Lehmen, Nubia Ranierez, Thomas Hennig, Jochen Diekmann, Mark Beeston, Ben Schiegl, Andrea Hofmann, Dorothea Herrling, Susanne Lienicke, "Gok" Sillapin Thong-Aram, Peter Ewers, Roane, Marc Beaston und Sunny Side Studios, Nubia Ranires and others

Thanks to: Chris Ziegler, Gerald Sigmund, Madeline Ritter, Sven Thore Kramm

Learnt up till now:
Shouting, running, reading, writing, cooking, playing football, dancing, making love, cycling, driving a car, laying floors, fishing, fooling around.

Being learnt at the moment:
Hypnotising, Japanese, to get on.

Still to learn:
Stay calm, live, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Croatian, the ability to influence positively, take care of money, be orderly, make an effort with friendships, dying.

Starting from the fact that, with ever such a small activity, you build your own world, instead of just filling it, Lehmen reflects in this solo situations and abilities which people learn. The elements have personal or general meaning. They might appear critical, unimportant, wrong or right. What they have in common is that people learn them, use them and pass them on.