"STATIONEN" by Thomas Lehmen (2003)

"Station 1, Berlin" Premiere 3. Oktober 2003, Podewil, Berlin (D)

concept, author, choreography: Thomas Lehmen
project manager: Sven-Thore Kramm
assistance: Cécile Buclin, Annette Fricker, Inge von Hehn
artistic advise: Petra Roggel (production), Katrin Schoof (visual design)
production: Thomas Lehmen
co-production: Podewil/TanzWerkstatt Berlin (D), Kaaitheater Brüssel, Vooruit Gent.
Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, Berlin.

participants in "Station1, Berlin": Jana Bulgurcu, Harry Brill, Anke Eckardt, Gabriele Elmendorf, Knut Ernst, Ulrich Herzfeld, Dieter Klöpfel, Vera Knolle, Arno Kölker, Felix Marchand, Irina Müller, Martin Nachbar, Franz Pfeiffer, Marc Rees, Jochen Roller, Bernd Saremba, Ronny Scharnke, Silvia Scharnke, Christin Skorning, Bernd Tackmann.

My work from this year is built around the theme, "systems". Niklas Luhmann describes, for example, a social system as an auto-poetic, self-referential system, a system grounded upon sense, which differentiates itself from an environment, and which operates through and is ultimately elementary of communications. These communications are the topic of concern. Of equal interest is the development of a "universal" discourse which excludes nothing and no one. In an increasingly virtual and exclusively media-distributed world, art is the window through which one can contemplate the intersections between different parts of this world.