Premiere: 05. April 2001

koncept, choroegraphy: thomas lehmen
choreography, music, performance: maria clara villa-lobos, gaetan bulourde, thomas lehmen
assistence: melanie mohren
visual design: katrin schoof
technical director: götz dihlmann
artistic advice / production: petra roggel

Production: Thomas Lehmen and Petra Roggel
coproduction: Kampnagel Hamburg, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Springdance Festival Utrecht, TanzWerkstatt Podewil Berlin, FAR festival des arts vivants, Nyon;
with support of Haupstadtkulturfonds Berlin and Fonds Darstellende Künste Essen e.V. aus Mitteln des Bundes.

Mono subjects: three performers, dancers and musicians who do not pretend to be anybody else but themselves. Surrounded by a white room, including nothing else than the reality of his performers.
The gap between publicity and intimacy; the tension that occurs out of the permanently exposed privacy draws a red line in the piece.

A choreographed question of the relation between reality, truth and theatrical directing them

A research concerning the truth of exchanged information in the theatrical context.Thomas Lehmens latest work is a mental and corporal confrontation with the basic theatrical elements and parameters: the artistic work and the performers attitude towards it.
mono subjects: an exhibition of the own personal reality on stage, a performative production and reproduction of the individuality of the three performers.