The magazine "STATIONS", published by Thomas Lehmen

Published irregularly, the magazine "Stations" will accompany the project of the same name by Thomas Lehmen, which began as "Station 1, Berlin" in October 2003 in Podewil and will continue in 2004 in Brussels and Ghent. The series of booklets brings together texts about the work as well as the work process itself. It is to be understood as an open form of reflection on a choreographic practice, which looks more at developments of processes, structures of systems and questions of understanding, rather than at the production of reproducible forms of (re)presentation. For the performances of "Station 1, Berlin", the following issues are being published:

Issue 1 - Texts: P. Husemann / F.A. Cramer / Th. Lehmen (germ./engl.)
- Pirkko Husemann "Choreography as Critical Practice"
- Franz Anton Cramer "Approaching Stationen: an exploration into the mutual tolerance of stage and audience"
- Thomas Lehmen "Systems"

Issue 2 - People from various professions (germ.)
- Reports on working systems by Dennis Berger. Knut Ernst, Roy Hensen, Ullrich Herzfeld, Arno Kölker, Thomas Lehmen, Bernd Saremba, Ronny Scharnke, Silvia Scharnke, Franz-Bernhard Theele

Issue 3 - Texts: N. Stewart / P. Stamer / Th. Lehmen (germ./engl.)
- Nigel Stewart "To-And-Fro And In-Between: The Ontology Of The Image In Thomas Lehmen's Stations"
- Peter Stamer "Hand-lending"

Issue 4 - Glossary (germ./engl.)
- Index of main terms from A like aesthetic to W like work
published by Sven-Thore Kramm and Thomas Lehmen

Issue 5 - Discussion: F.A. Cramer / Th. Lehmen / P. Stamer / N. Stewart (engl.)
- A round table discussion between Franz Anton Cramer, Thomas Lehmen, Peter Stamer and Nigel Stewart (recorded on the 20th and 22nd August 2003 in Podewil, Berlin)

Issue 6 - Texts (dutch/english): Jeroen Peeters, Rudi Laermans, Portraits of people from different professions (published in May 2004 during "Station 2, Brussel" in the Kaaitheaterstudio's)

Impressum / Imprint

Zeitschrift / Magazine
2003 gegründet von / founded by Thomas Lehmen

Herausgeber / publisher: Thomas Lehmen
Chefredaktion / editorial direction: Sven-Thore Kramm
Redaktion / editorial stuff: Cécile Buclin, Annette Fricker, Inge von Hehn
Konzept und Design / concept and design: Katrin Schoof /
Übersetzungen / translations: William Wheeler, Charlotte Kreutzmüller, Astrid Geese
Transkriptionen / transcriptions: Annette Fricker, Inge von Hehn

Autoren / Authors: Franz Anton Cramer, Pirkko Husemann, Sven-Thore Kramm, Thomas Lehmen, Peter Stamer, Nigel Stewart

Redaktionsadresse / editorial address:
c/o Comp. Thomas Lehmen, Hasenheide 12, D-10967 Berlin
Tel/Fax: +49 / (0)30 / 69 59 83 86

Erscheinungsweise / mode of publication: unregelmäßig / irregular
Preis pro Heft / price per issue: 2,50 €
Preis für 6 Hefte im Schuber / price of 6 issues in a slipcase: 12 €
ISSN: 1612-7161